Friday, June 1, 2012

Coupons and Kids

I thought you should know.
I'm not a coupon queen.
It seems like I should be, right?
Single income, a Zoo full of kiddos, homeschooling, church going, faith declaring, penny pinching.
Okay, I use coupons. I use them when I find them for things I actually buy anyway.
I tried the whole coupon craze. I grew up on coupons.
I don't remember my mom agonizing over newspaper inserts and trading coupons and seeking out sales to match them with. And I'm not THAT old.
So, I have a general idea of what I usually purchase from the grocery store and how much it will cost. Of course we don't always eat exactly the same things, there are changes, but why would I get extremely excited about coupons for a premium item that I don't use. Ever. Show me some coupons on cabbage, heads of lettuce, and red bell peppers, and I'll be all over it.
I definitely follow coupon junkies on face book, blogs and twitter. I like to find a great deal. We're frugal here, just not crazy.
There are a lot of demands on my time, and spending hours organizing coupons and hoards of money on ink printing them out and making out a strategy like a battle plan to go from store to store with the right rewards cards and catalinas and coupons all the while dragging six children along is not something I am willing to schedule in.
I have my one favorite grocery store in town. Another that I go to when I'm searching for something specific. But, no coupon freaking here.
Unless, of course, you say there are Starbucks coupons.
I'm all over that.


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