Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Front Yard

I don't know why we call our yards that. Yard. It's a measurement of length or distance. Why did we name the area surrounding our houses The Yard? In most other countries, it's called The Garden. Doesn't that make more sense?
Regardless if it's a lawn, yard, or garden (c'mon...you just said "yard 'n' garden" just like Cisco, didn'tcha?)...we did stuff to ours yesterday.

First, a couple of weeks ago, our friends came over with their edger tool and helped us to cut the sod off of an area in front of the house.
I have always wanted to put a cottage garden there, ever since we moved in, so that's what I'm getting to do now!
Mr. TheZoo went and got a load of topsoil which we shoveled off the truck and spread around.
Then, we cleaned up the driveway. We have one of those lovely drive way areas where the builder poured a cement slab directly in front of the garage, but left the side of the house and the area next to the slab uncovered.
There was large gravel there when we moved in, 11 years ago, but it has since been dispersed. 
Mr. TheZoo went off again and came back with a load of gravel. It isn't big gravel, it's 5/8th's gravel, mixed with water so it will set something like cement.
Well, one yard of that didn't go too far, but I'm thrilled with what we have down so far.
And I'm ecstatic about the price of the stuff. I don't know why, but I had the idea that a load of gravel would run in the $100's of dollars. Apparently it's just something I made up in my own mind, because I don't specifically remember researching it at all. Maybe I heard it from someone that had several yards delivered.
Anyway, we shoveled the gravel onto the drive, raked it around to some general smoothness and built up the side of the concrete slab.
And then! I planted the peony, columbine, and english lavender that my girlfriend brought over. Good thing, too, because that poor columbine was looking scraggly and sad. We tried to keep it fresh and alive while we waited for the topsoil, but it was bare root and got lots of direct hot afternoon sun. Well, a lot for around these parts.
We'll see how it does.
Then, I put some sweet peas, iceland poppies, and wild flower seeds down.
Now that those projects are underway, I am excited to finish up the driveway and start a couple of other front lawn projects.
I have plans for a dahlia patch, and to transfer some rhodies from the backyard that are behind a shed. And to start a pretty burgundy honey suckle from the large plant in the back.
After all of that, I want to perk up the flower bed that is under my bedroom winder, and build raised beds for vegetables next year.
And I want to fill in all the uneven spots in the back. And I want to put railroad ties and playground bark around the swingset. And I want to finish the back fence between our house and the neighbors.
And I want to build out the front porch to a larger, screened in deck.
And...oh, poor Mr. TheZoo.
He must be absolutely exhausted after listening to my lists.
And this one is just for outside!


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