Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Rid of The Kids

Ok, not really getting 'rid' of them.
Shipping them off for a few days.
You know, like summer camp.
Have you looked at summer camps lately?
I have three elementary age kiddos that could go to sleep away camp.
Most of the camps I found are about $350 per camper.
Looks like I will put that in the budget for next year. That's over a thousand dollars! And that doesn't include the activities that are extra, like crafts and snacks!
So, I looked at a couple of sliding scale camps.
I would still have to come up with around $700, plus extras, and those are quite a distance from home.
There was some hope in doing day camps, but those are also a bit of a distance for us, and most of them are only 2 1/2 to 3 hrs long. So what am I gonna do with the younger ones during that time? Wait in the van? Gah! No!
Then, Gramma called.
She proposed that the children attend a VBS program at a church near her home.
Four days long, all day.
And...drum roll...the children will stay overnights at her house during the program.
My breath caught. Could this be real? Was I hearing things? Had I gone delusional after yesterdays mayhem and drama?
She confirmed that she was looking forward to it, and that it would be such fun to have the four of them over for Kamp Grandma.
Oh. My. Goodness.
If you see my MIL, thank her for being a wonderful, intuitive person.

I will have three days and three nights of just two kiddos. The ones that nap regularly each day. Imagine the number of dishes that won't be used during that time. The clothes that won't be on the floor, the wet towels that won't be all over the bathroom. The amount of toilet tissue that will stay on the roll! The ibuprofen that will remain in the bottle.

I know I will be ready to welcome them home when it is time. I know I will miss them, and I will want to hug and kiss them.
But this mom is ready for a little break. Some quiet that doesn't only happen after 10 pm. A bit of reduction in the daily chores.
Thanks, Gramma. You are a blessed woman.


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