Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No More Teachers! No More Books!

And, HA!
*I* am the teacher, and *I* have the books!!!!
Today is officially the first day of summer break here at TheZoo.
This is the first day that we would have had any classes at the parent partnership program, so it's truly the first day off.
I haven't assigned much work for the summer, but you would think I added more on top of what they have been doing all school year.
I want them to finish their math curriculum (they still have two units to finish), and I want them to read over the summer, providing me with a book report on each selection.

Do you have a favorite summer reading program? I know there are several out there. One of the kiddos just likes having new books, so the ones that offer a book as the prize look great for her. Another one thinks that having a book as a prize for reading a bunch of books is not even cool.

Call me crazy, but I want a book a week. There is no reason they can't read at least nine books over the summer.
Those moments when they come in from playing outside to tell me that it's just too hot to be out there, I will give them a cold beverage and direct them to a spot of shade under a tree, and hand them their books.
Please! Someone force *ME* to sit and read every single day!

Their summer break is about playing and reading.
Mine is about fine tuning what we are going to do next school year.
What classes will they take at the PPP, and what curriculum will I use to teach at home, and how many days a week will we leave the house, and making sure that everyone is getting a some physical exercise.

Seriously, every week over the summer I am looking for a better price on something, collecting school supplies here and there, going through things from previous years to ascertain what we can reuse and what we need to get rid of.

I'm glad the kids at TheZoo get some kind of break over the summer, and I'm glad to take a break from everyday curriculum.

In fact, I may join some of the kiddos in reading under the tree.

Now to find those age appropriate reading lists...


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