Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Whether We Do, or Weather We Don't

Yep, it's raining again here in our little green corner of the earth.
It always rains through June.
Every year we complain about it, but in the 18 years I've lived out here, it's always the same.
We get a sunshine tease in May, then about three weeks of constant rain, it slows to a mist, then a big down pour during the first week of July. It usually clears up on the 5th of July.
There are two hot sunny Independence Days that I recall. Out of 18.
Where I live, our warmest, sunniest months are mid July through mid September.
We get a bout a month of slightly cooling temps, then a big October freeze.
Well, we still have a couple weeks of school left, and when those are over, I am going to take advantage of the rain factor, and put the older children to helping with a big spring cleaning...since it will still be spring-like here, anyway.
Gosh It'll be grand.
The kids at TheZoo, I'm certain, will be praying without ceasing for some sunshine!


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