Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snarky Day

Yeah. That's the attitude that keeps pushing it's way to the forefront.
I am aware that I feel this way, and I don't want to.
I sure don't want to act this way!
There are bunches of little children in the house that pick that sort of thing up quickly.
Some of them were born with a natural ability for sarcasm. Go figure.
I don't outlaw sarcasm at home. I limit it, though.
It's important to me that the children learn how to banter and use sarcasm to be funny without being mean.
I had to learn that lesson the hard way, as an adult. When more than one or two people clue you in on a character flaw, it's good indication that you should examine yourself and make some changes.
I did. It hurt, I never did thank those people. I probably said something sarcastic and hurtful.
Sarcasm isn't really the problem, snarky is. Snarky doesn't necessarily mean sarcastic. Many people make snarky remarks without employing clever sarcasm at all. (see, that was kind of snarky).
Sometimes, I just feel like things that people in general say and do, are stupid. The phrase that marches through my brain these days is "What are you, stupid?". It's a struggle to keep from saying it out loud.
It isn't even as though I really believe people are stupid. I don't. It's not them. It's me.
It's that anger that's always rearing it's ugly head.
I'm pretty sure that the desire to scream and yell at people for parking crooked is no indication of righteous anger. It's definitely self righteous. I can be fairly certain that I have parked crookedly a few times myself. And fortunately, for me, no one screamed at me.
I will continue to fight the good fight, keeping the general public from being screamed at. At least by me.

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