Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Song

Most couples have a song.
That one melody that brings a smile.
When the notes are recognized, the couple seeks one another out with their eyes, they might gaze at one another lovingly.
Some couples share a waltz step or two. Perhaps they are prompted to hold hands, or to say "I Love You".
The song is usually something nice. Something about love, being together, hope, destiny.
Mr. TheZoo and I have a song.
We didn't choose the song. The song chose us.
One evening, before we were married, we were out on a date. Things were going well, and we decided to extend the evening by catching a late movie. So, (of course, because it makes perfect sense) we drove from city to city looking at theatre marquis to find a movie that would play soon and that we actually wanted to see.
We stopped at one theatre to discuss our options between movies, and suddenly, both of us abandoned the conversation and began singing along with the radio.
When we realized that we both had jumped into the tune at the same moment, that neither of us was upset at the interruption, we laughed. A lot. In fact, we didn't hear the rest of the song.
But we know the song. We sing it often.
Our children know the song.
The song was recorded before music videos were popular, so there isn't a fantastic YouTube link. (There IS one, it just isn't fantastic. It's really...weird!)
Our Funky Town.
Yes, it really is.
What is your song?

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