Monday, June 4, 2012

Why I Have Green Hair

I do. I have green hair.
Just bits and pieces. Peek-a-boo high lights.
If we are being technical here, they are teal.
I have been asked several times if I had colored my hair in celebration of some holiday or another.
Really? Do people do that?
If someone makes some sort of unconventional change in their life, it must be due to a holiday?
"Oh, yes, I really wanted to make a big deal out of Administrative Assistants Day, so I had my nose pierced."
Seriously, folks, why, why, WHY would you ask that?

There is a perfectly good, and legitimate reason for my decision.

I did actually thing it through, because I wanted to be sure that I chose  color I would like seeing in the mirror.

I did not do it for a holiday.
I did not do it for a person.
I did not do it out of rebellion.
I did not do it to shock people.
I did not do it to fit in to a particular group.

I have green hair, because it is fun. It is lighthearted. It is whimsical. It is unexpected.

All things that I hope I am, anyway.

Now, we can all see it.


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