Monday, June 11, 2012


I went to a PTA meeting last week.
I was provided with a a copy of the agenda and the budget with current financial standings.
It was pretty much an accident that I attended at all.
Another mom and I were sitting near the room that the PTA was meeting in. It was the last meeting of the year, and many of the PTA members weren't present. It was imperative that there be a minimum of a particular number of people in attendance to be able to call it an official meeting, so we were recruited to sit in and sign the register.
After listening for about 20 minutes and following along on the budget printout, I began feeling pretty impressed with what the PTA does.
We are at a Parent Partnership Program that offers full or part time registration. The school also has a full Montessori program, a high school jump start program with a local community college, and a couple of other programs.
There is a lot going on at this school, and the PTA plays a big part in keeping it all together. They handle the budgeting and fundraising for all of the classrooms. They know what they are talking about, and handle questions like pros. The income and outgo from so many different places, and how they work. Any question asked about any of the fundraisers was answered thoroughly and with confidence.
I found myself more and more impressed. I was feeling pretty good about the PTA at our school. I began to feel that I wanted to be involved with an organization that was doing something good and right.
The other mom slid the agenda my way.
Next on the list was 'elect new officers'.
We snuck out the back door.
Yes. Really.
I've seen those PTA moms at work. They are busy.
Seriously, at this season in my life, if I am given a project to complete, I am going to forget about it until the day it is due.
I will write it down in at least two different places, I will put it on the calendar on my phone, I'll put it on the computer...and I will still forget.
Yeah, I'm pretty flaky right now. I know it, so I avoid situations that will bring it to public attention.
I keep hoping that when the youngest one is potty trained and able to get in and out of her own car seat, that some of those dysfunctional brain cells will wake up and remember how to perform.
Maybe then I can join the PTA/


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