Thursday, June 7, 2012

SMH! Your Rights Are Slipping Away!

Wait, what?!?!?
Mom ARRESTED for leaving her 13 yo in charge of siblings?
Because the 4 yo wandered into a neighbor's yard?
Arrested? For real?
We obviously don't have the family's history to determine whether there was on going problem with an immature older sibling, or a negligent mother.
I must say, however, that my blood runs cold after reading this article.
Seriously. Arrested.
This isn't even about how old a child should be to be left alone. And it's only almost about determining the maturity of the child left to care for the others
It's definitely about American citizens losing rights.
C'mon, neighbor, walk the child back home.
If my neighbors can call police and have me arrested whenever one of my children wanders into someone's yard, I might have been arrested several times already.
Once, while I was nursing a baby and laying said child down for a nap, my 3 yo not only ran down the street, but let himself into a neighbor's house.
I'm not saying that isn't scary. It is seriously scary, and the child was made aware that such behavior is not acceptable.
However, the neighbor was kind enough to entertain my child until I found him.
Thank you, neighbor for being neighborly.
Parents, please vote.
Parents, please be aware of your rights, and the ones that are slipping away.
Parents, please be involved in your children's education.
Parents, please be aware of your child's safety.
Parents, please pray over your children.
Parents, don't allow your right to raise your children to be taken away.


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